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M-tech® metalfoils

Precision bands for medium and small projects

Metal foil from Georg Martin GmbH can be delivered in several dimensions on a roll in sturdy cardboard boxes or as sheets in sheet packs. The products are also available with adhesive on the back for all varieties except the very thinnest 0,010 mm. The packages are practically designed to fit in a special metal rack which facilitates the handling of the metal foil. Thicker sheets over 0,1 mm are only delivered in sheet packs, which provides a safer working environment since thicker foils are easier to handle in flat sheets.

Applications for M-tech® metal foil

The metal foil can be used in the production of e.g. shims, as adjustment during assembly/maintenance work, and as spacers during tool manufacturing. It can also be used as electric shielding and as a base and cladding material for model making, or for repairs, e.g. when repairing holes in gutters.

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