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Shims in different materials and designs.

Tolerances according to your needs

Shims in thicknesses from 0,008 mm

Empiro manufactures shims in different materials and designs. Depending on material from ca 10 mm down to 0,008 mm with +/- tolerances. 

Short series

We are specialists in manufacturing short series. 5, 10 or 50 pcs of shims, all according to your needs.

The manufacturing is mainly done with punching in mills with 240 ton power. We use universal tools that enable small series with high quality. Also cutting in modern NCR machines is possible.
Despite different contures and shapes it is most often not necessary to use special tools, but we always calculate in which case it is needed and the cost of such investment.

Cutting, turning, polishing

Other manufacturing methods can be favorable depending on shape, manufacturing time and quantities.
We do our best to chose the optimal manufacturing method for every case.

Shims in several different materials

Massive material in brass, aluminum, cold rolled steel or stainless, bronze, plastics, and laminated material.


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Shims i flera olika material och tjocklekar