Personal information and Cookie policy

Handling of personal information for retail customers.

To be able to process your orders at we need access to:

Phone number

The information mentioned above will be saved together with the information of which products you have bought in seven years. According to Swedish accounting Act(1999:1078), after seven years the information will deleted.

The information will not be forwarded or sold to a third part, unless this is in connection to a restructuring or selling(partial or whole) of the business. In a situation like the previous mentioned the transfer of information will proceed according to at the time valid law of personal information.

Empiro AB is responsible for the information handled on

Your rights as a retail customer:

• You have the right to get wrong personal information corrected.
• You have the right to have your personal information deleted
• You have the right to right to limit the handling of your personal information.
• You have the right to transfer your personal information and to make objections
• You have the right to make a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information

Questions regarding the handling of personal information can be asked by the way of mail to

Cookie policy

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