Brass by the meter, in sheets or on roll. 

Benefits & uses for brass CuZn37

The brass sheet we offer has the material type CuZn37 (CW508L) which has a zinc content of 37% which gives it a light yellow tint. CuZn37 is the most common brass alloy for cold forming. The proportion of zinc in CuZn37 strengthens the brass and is economically advantageous. Brass metal can be used, for example, in the manufacturing of shims and spacers.

Brass by the meter in flexible length

When ordering brass by the meter, you decide what length you want. We can also cut to other dimensions of the brass sheet than the widths that can be found under brass by the meter, if so, please feel free to send an inquiry.

Order brass in flexible M-tech® packages

When you order brass in M-tech® packaging, it is delivered as a sheet of metal or as a metal roll. With M-tech®, the brass is packaged in practical standard packaging that guarantees a short delivery time and that simplifies the handling of the metal foil. M-tech® is available in thicknesses from 0.025 mm to 1 mm.

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  • High quality brass sheet for a wide range of applications. Brass type CuZn...
    from 230,00 kr
  • M-tech® F metal foil as a sheet. Brass (CuZn37 / CW508L). 5 sheets per pa...
    from 307,50 kr
  • The M-tech® boxes contain a brass roll of length 2500 mm and width 150 mm. ...
    from 306,25 kr
  • M-tech® F metal foil as a self-adhesive sheet. Brass (CuZn37 / CW508L). O...
    from 503,75 kr
  • M-tech®-roll of self-adhesive brass in the dimensions 2500 x 150 mm. One s...
    from 501,25 kr
  • Laminated brass foils joined together with glue. Can be adjusted in thickn...
    from 3147,50 kr