Cold rolled steel

Cold rolled steel by the meter, in sheets or on roll.

Advantages of cold rolling when manufacturing sheet metal

Cold rolling is particularly suitable when manufacturing sheet metal since this method is effective and accurate in the production of sheets with lower thickness. Cold rolling creates a smoother surface on the steel and can be used, for example, in the manufacturing of shims and spacers.

Cold rolled steel by the meter in flexible length

When ordering steel by the meter, you decide what length you want. We can also cut to other dimensions of the steel sheet than the widths that can be found under colled rolled steel by the meter, if so, then please send an inquiry.

Practical standard packaging with M-tech®

When you order cold-rolled steel in M-tech® packaging, it is delivered as a sheet of metal or as a metal roll. With M-tech®, the metal is packaged in practical standard packaging that guarantees short delivery time and that simplifies the handling of the metal foil. M-tech® is available in thicknesses from 0.025 mm to 1 mm. 

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