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Plastic sheets

We have plastic sheets in polyester and polypropylene 304x609mm in different thicknesses from 0.0127 mm.

Advantages of plastic material

Plastic materials both polyester and polypropylene have a high resistance to corrosion and chemical effects. Polyester plastic material also has very high compressive strength, shrinkage-and tear strength. In contrast to steel and metal, the polyester also retains its original shape after bending. Plastic material spacers can be a very viable and profitable alternative to metals.

Applications for plastic materials

Plastic materials can be used both as a seal, insulator, and as plastic spacers. Due to the high electrical impact resistance of the plastic material, especially in polyester, it is especially suitable for use in the electrical and electronic industry.

For details made of plastic material send us an inquiry with a drawing and/or dimensions.

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